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Treating a Herniated Disc

Often, successful herniated disc treatment consists of nonsurgical interventions such as physical therapy, medications, injection therapy, and rest. If the patient still suffers from back pain after about six weeks, a spine specialist in New Jersey or New York might recommend surgery. An orthopedic surgeon could perform an open discectomy, endoscopic microdiscectomy, percutaneous discectomy, laminotomy, or laminectomy to address the problem.

You can hear more about herniated disc treatment by watching this video. This animation explains how a herniated disc occurs and it discusses the differences between these surgeries. A discectomy, for example, involves the removal of the herniated portion of the disc, whereas a laminectomy involves the removal of the lamina to create more space within the spinal canal.

To discuss your options for treating herniated discs, contact The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care at (887) 854-8274. Our orthopedic spine surgeon, Dr. Okubadejo, guides patients in making informed decisions for their wellness.

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