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Exploring Non-Surgical Treatment of the Spine

Some of the common causes of spinal pain include muscle pain, nerve-related pain, and herniated discs. A herniated disc occurs when some of the internal material in a disc extrudes through the disc wall. This material can compress nearby nerves, causing nerve pain. While it might sound counterintuitive, exercise can actually alleviate spinal pain. Your spine doctor will likely refer you to a physical therapist to learn about specific exercises.

Get more information on some of the common causes of spinal pain and how these issues can be treated by watching this video. You’ll also learn more about herniated discs and sciatica, which is a nerve problem.

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Accelerating the Recovery Process after Spine Surgery

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Efficient healing after spine surgery requires dedication to following your surgeon’s post-procedure instructions. Avoid overexerting your spine by lifting heavy objects or bending over for as long as your surgeon recommends. Sports activities, particularly yoga or high-impact sports, should be discontinued until healing is complete. If physical therapy is recommended following your surgery, make sure to keep appointments and commit yourself fully to your recovery. Follow instructions for exercises or stretches at home between your appointments. These will help you regain strength and flexibility safely and efficiently. Talk to your surgeon about which pain relief medications are best for your needs and keep him updated on your levels of pain. Don’t change your medication regimen on your own without consulting your doctor first.

Dr. Okubadejo of The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care is here to help you recover safely and quickly after spine surgery in NJ. Contact us today at (201) 285-5317 to learn more about your surgical and recovery options for a pain-free life. You can find more information about our specialties and the benefits of treatment to heal the spine by clicking through our website.

What You Need to Know About Sciatica

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Sciatica causes pain that radiates from the low back down through the buttocks and into the leg. It is indicative of injury or irritation of the sciatic nerve in your pelvis. Depending upon the cause and severity of your pain, a range of treatment options including spine surgery may be considered.

What Causes Sciatica?
Sciatica may be caused by a variety of factors, ranging from back injury to spinal disease. Motions such as bending, twisting, or heavy lifting may cause sciatica pain. Injuries to the spine or conditions such as aging, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and disc herniation can also compress the sciatic nerve and lead to sciatica.

What Does Sciatica Feel Like?
Sciatica pain is characterized by low back pain that continues down the buttocks and into the leg. It is felt on one side and may continue all the way to the ankle and foot. The pain may be shooting or burning, and often worsens when you are seated. Numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness may also occur in the affected leg.

How Is Sciatica Treated?
Sciatica may be treated through a number of non-surgical and surgical techniques. Non-surgical options include oral or injected medication to reduce inflammation and pain, or physical therapy to strengthen the back and relieve sciatic nerve pressure. If conservative methods are not successful in relieving pain, surgery may be considered. Spinal decompression removes areas of the vertebrae, such as bone spurs, that may be pressing on the sciatic nerve. This procedure may be accompanied by a spinal fusion using a bone graft to provide spinal stability.

If you have questions about sciatica, disc herniation, and other back conditions, The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care of NY and NJ has the answers you need to take the first step toward recovery. Call us today at (201) 285-5317 to meet with Dr. Okubadejo during a consultation that fits into your schedule. You can find out more about our practice by clicking on our comprehensive website.

Exercising to Relieve Disc Degeneration

Degenerative disc disease affects the cartilage that sits between adjacent vertebrae. As this cartilage wears down, spinal nerves may be irritated or compressed, leading to sciatica and low back pain.

This video demonstrates three simple exercises you can do to relieve back pain from degenerative disc disease. You will see how to do leg and arm raises, upper body lifts, and bridges. These exercises lengthen and strengthen the spine and back muscles to relieve nerve compression and pain.

You can learn more about degenerative disc disease and how to relieve your back pain by calling Dr. Gbolahan Okubadejo of The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care at (201) 285-5317. Dr. Okubadejo provides comprehensive treatment for spine and back pain in NY and NJ, including minimally-invasive spine surgery and chiropractic care. Please click on our website for more information about your spine health. 

A Look at the Recovery Process Following Minimally-Invasive Spine Surgery

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Minimally-invasive spine surgery is an ideal option to treat the spine without requiring open back surgery. By using minimally-invasive techniques, your spine surgeon reduces the amount of post-operative pain and time spent recovering after your procedure. Your surgeon will explain the recovery process and provide specific instructions for you to follow to maximize healing.

Post-Surgery Hospital Stay
Following your minimally-invasive spine surgery, you will need to stay in the hospital for rest and monitoring. Minimally-invasive techniques shorten the length of time you will need to stay in the hospital to two or three days. During this time, your medication will be regulated by your surgeon and other hospital stall. Your surgeon will let you know when you will be released to return home.

Physical Therapy
In many cases, physical therapy is prescribed to facilitate healing. Your trainer will provide exercises and stretches designed to minimize pain and rebuild range of motion. You will also be given exercises to perform at home to maintain your progress and continue to build strength. Following certain procedures, such as a spinal fusion, your trainer will also assist you with proper sitting, standing, and walking posture to support the spine and back.

Return to Daily Activities
Your surgeon will discuss your results and how soon you can expect to return to normal daily activities. In some cases, you can return to normal tasks within six weeks, though your personal recovery time may be longer. Start slow and work up to more strenuous activities. If you exercise or play sports, don’t resume these activities without the permission of your surgeon.

Are you interested in learning more about minimally-invasive spine surgery? At The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care, Dr. Okubadejo and his staff are dedicated to providing you with the information and care you need to relieve back pain and restore your quality of life in NJ and NY. Check us out on the web or call (201) 285-5317 to schedule your appointment today.

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