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Have You Recently Been Involved in an Auto Accident? Here is What You Need to Know about Whiplash Injuries

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The tissues housed in the neck allow a range of function, including head support and 180-degree motion. Though strong and elastic, these muscles, ligaments, and tendons can suffer considerable damage when sudden outside forces stretch them beyond their capabilities. The common term for this occurrence is whiplash, and when it happens, substantial pain and suffering can result. If you suspect that you may be suffering from whiplash, consult a spine surgery expert for help.

Causes of Whiplash
Many people associate whiplash with auto accidents –and for good reason. This type of incident frequently leads to whiplash. Even the mildest collisions can cause the sudden extension of the neck tissues, which may cause trauma, inflammation, and tearing. However, any unexpected blunt force to the body may result in whiplash. A swift push to the back or violent tripping accident can be severe enough to prompt this condition.

Symptoms of Whiplash
Whiplash can be a particularly frustrating injury because its symptoms vary greatly from person to person. In general, most people who experience whiplash will suffer from significant neck pain that can extend to neighboring areas of the body. Inflammation will typically lead to neck stiffness as well. Some individuals may also complain of headaches or muscle spasms. These symptoms may sporadically appear and disappear or delay their presence for days after the initial incident.

Treatment Options for Whiplash
Whiplash is a serious injury that requires attention from a qualified spine surgeon. Only a trained professional can accurately assess the severity of a patient’s condition, which may include torn tissue. In most cases, conservative treatment methods such as rest, alternating heat and ice, or steroid injection can alleviate the discomfort of whiplash. More serious conditions may require more invasive measures to repair tendon or ligament tears.

Don’t let whiplash hinder your well-being. Call The Institute of Comprehensive Spine Care at (201) 285-5317 to set up an appointment with Dr. Gbolahan Okubadejo at our New Jersey facility. A board-certified spine surgeon, Dr. Okubadejo can help you regain neck function as soon as possible.

Meet Your Surgeon, Dr. Gbolahan Okubadejo

Gbolahan Okubadejo, MD, FAAOS

It is imperative that individuals who need to undergo spine surgery make sure that their surgeon is proficient. While every surgical procedure requires the steady hand and considerable expertise of a capable physician, spine surgery demands the nuanced skill of a doctor who is well educated and practiced in spinal anatomy and treatment. Dr. Gbolahan Okubadejo of The Institute of Comprehensive Spine Care offers the care and compassion of a dedicated spine surgery expert.

The Educational Background of Dr. Gbolahan Okubadejo
Dr. Okubadejo has an extensive educational foundation from which he established his proficiency in spine surgery. He first received his undergraduate degree at Brown University and went on to complete his medical school training at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Okubadejo then acquired his spine specialty capabilities with an internship and orthopaedic surgery residency at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis and a spine surgery fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Specialties of Dr. Gbolahan Okubadejo
Dr. Okubadejo is well versed in a range of spinal conditions. He has extensive experience in treating spine diseases, as well as expertise in addressing spine-related injuries. Among his many spine condition specialties, Dr. Okubadejo is trained in providing relief for cervical and lumbar stenosis, cervical and lumbar herniated discs, spinal osteoarthritis, and sciatica.

The Benefits of Seeing Dr. Gbolahan Okubadejo 
Patients praise Dr. Okubadejo not only for his considerable skill, but also for his excellent bedside manner. Dr. Okubadejo offers individualized care for each patient and always seeks the least invasive treatment option. His compassionate manner affords individuals both confidence and peace of mind that they will receive the best care at The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care.

Would you like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Okubadejo? If so, call The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care at (201) 285-5317 today! Our New Jersey spine surgery center can help you determine the nature of your spine condition and the right treatment option for it.

­­­­Learn About the Five Main Areas of the Spine

The spinal column is a dynamic structure that facilitates sensation and mobility. This informative video explains how the five main areas of the spine enable you to move around.

The spine can be divided into five regions: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum, and coccyx. Each of these areas contains bony structures that support the body’s weight and protect the spinal cord. Some sections, such as the cervical and lumbar, are extremely flexible to allow movement. Other regions, such as the thoracic and sacrum, are fairly rigid to afford upright standing. These bones also provide connective tissue and muscle attachments for weight-bearing activity and motion.

The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care provides effective treatment options for patients suffering from spinal injury or disease. Call our New Jersey facility at (201) 285-5317 to learn more about our spine surgery services.

Online Resources: Spine Health and Treatment Options

Back pain

Back pain is a highly common yet extremely treatable condition. These articles discuss some of the ailments that may produce back pain and ways in which a spine surgeon can alleviate them. For more information, contact The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care at (201) 285-5317 today.

  • A herniated disk can cause extreme discomfort, as well as contribute to other medical problems. Medical News Today explains the factors that may lead to a herniated disk.
  • One potential side effect of a herniated disk is sciatica, which develops from pressure on the sciatic nerve. The U.S. National Library of Medicine discusses the potential causes and treatment options for sciatica.
  • Do you need spine surgery for your back problems? In this article, the Mayo Clinic provides a breakdown of the conditions that may require minimally invasive spine surgery.
  • Cervical spinal stenosis is an ailment that can be successfully eliminated with spine surgery. gives readers a closer look at cervical spinal stenosis.
  • Older age can bring on a wide range of health issues, including spinal osteoarthritis. details the symptoms of this degenerative disease. 

Risk Factors for Spinal Osteoarthritis

cervical osteochondrosis III st.

Spinal osteoarthritis affects adults young and old by causing deterioration to the spinal column joints, making it difficult to carry out even the simplest movements. Most people diagnosed with this degenerative disease experience a range of symptoms, including back stiffness, back pain, and even limb numbness. Though spinal osteoarthritis cannot be cured, those who have it can still enjoy a high quality of life with swift and appropriate treatment, including painkiller medications, physical therapy, and minimally invasive spine surgery. Read on to learn more about the factors that can contribute to the onset of this disease—and some ways to potentially prevent it.

Growing Older

As a person ages, they may experience impaired function and decreased mobility in a number of ways. Spinal osteoarthritis is one such condition that often accompanies older age. The joints of the spine undergo rigorous usage throughout a person’s lifetime, which is why they are so prone to deterioration. In many cases, the onset of spinal osteoarthritis stems from normal wear and tear over decades of time.

Previous Injury

If a young person is diagnosed with spinal osteoarthritis, it may be the result of a past incident that caused trauma to one or more joints in the spine. Some spinal injuries can leave joints in a weakened state, making them more susceptible to osteoarthritis at a younger age.


The heavier an individual is, the more stress is put upon the joints. The spinal joints in particular can suffer from inordinate pressure as the result of excessive weight. Though the aging process and unforeseen accidents cannot be avoided, you can help reduce your risk for spinal osteoarthritis by consulting a spine surgeon to determine whether a weight loss program can potentially benefit your spinal health.

The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care offers many effective treatment services for individuals diagnosed with spinal osteoarthritis. Call our New Jersey facility today at (201) 285-5317 to set up an appointment with spine surgeon Dr. Gbolahan Okubadejo to discuss your care options.

Conditions that are Commonly Treated with Spine Surgery

Disc degeneration by osteophyte - close up

Many spinal conditions can be effectively managed with conservative methods, including oral pain medications and physical therapy. In the event that these practices fail to adequately eliminate pain or facilitate comfortable movement, minimally invasive spine surgery may be recommended. The following conditions constitute some of the ailments that can be successfully treated with spine surgery. If you have been diagnosed with one of these medical issues, consult a spine surgeon to determine if surgery is the right option for you.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a condition that develops from acute pressure on the spinal cord and the surrounding nerves. Though this pressure may stem from more than one source, it often results from spinal osteoarthritis that causes the vertebrae to close in on the spinal nerves. In many cases, this condition will continue to intensify until the spinal column is widened to alleviate pressure on the spine. Spine surgery can safely create more space in the spinal column, restoring pain-free movement.

Vertebral Fracture

Individuals who suffer from a fracture in one or more vertebrae often experience spinal instability. This can interfere with many aspects of their daily life, inhibiting movement and causing chronic pain. To strengthen the spinal column, a spine surgeon may recommend spinal fusion, which fuses two or more vertebrae.

Degenerative Disk Disease

Some spine surgery candidates may suffer from a chronic condition called degenerative disk disease. Individuals with this ailment have one or more intervertebral disks that no longer provide the cushioned protection between vertebrae. Without this protection, the vertebrae are prone to bone-on-bone friction, which can cause extreme pain and limited movement. To relieve these symptoms, a spine surgeon can perform spine surgery and insert artificial disks to replace the damaged structures.

The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care provides patients with an extensive range of medical options for their spine-related problems. Our New Jersey facility offers both conservative methods and minimally invasive spine surgery for the alleviation of back pain and restricted motion. To find out more about our services, call (201) 285-5317.

A Closer Look at the Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care

Don’t let back pain interfere with your quality of life. This video explains how Dr. Gbolahan Okubadejo and the staff at The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care can successfully address your spine problems.

Dr. Okubadejo places a high priority on making every patient as comfortable as possible during each step of the treatment process. To accommodate busy patient schedules, the Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care offers extended hours on weeknights and weekends. Also, patients are given comprehensive options when it comes to their treatment services. Though minimally invasive spine surgery may be the recommended choice in some cases, Dr. Okubadejo also provides medication, physical therapy, and injection alternatives.

Would you like to learn more about how The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care can help you? If so, call our New Jersey facility at (201) 285-5317 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gbolahan Okubadejo.

Patient Education: Take a look at Our Website to View Spine Animations

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Take a look at this page on our website to view comprehensive spine animations that will help you understand different spinal conditions. 

To learn more about our spine surgery services, contact our New Jersey Spine Care facility at (201) 285-5317 to set up a consultation.

Get a Look at Common Spinal Issues with These Online Resources

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The onset of a spinal issue can greatly impact a person’s quality of life. Once a spine problem occurs, it will only become more aggravated with time, which is why a spine surgeon can prove vital for the alleviation of many spinal concerns. These articles provide a closer look at many spine problems.

  • As people age, their likelihood of developing osteoporosis grows. WebMD discusses how osteoporosis of the spine develops and treatment methods for it.
  • Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal column that can cause significant pain and restricted motion. The Mayo Clinic offers readers an extensive summary of this condition.
  • A herniated disc occurs when the interior of a spinal disc ruptures. discusses the symptoms of herniated discs and treatment options for them.
  • Degenerative disc disease is a gradual deterioration of one or more discs in the vertebrae column. describes the factors that may contribute to degenerative disc disease.
  • Can your diet strengthen your back? offers a few food suggestions to ward off spinal arthritis.

The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care is a New Jersey-based spinal health facility that can attend to a wide range of spinal issues. Our minimally invasive spine surgery techniques can get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Call us at (201) 285-5317 to schedule a consultation today.

How Cervical Stenosis Can Be Treated

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Spine surgery specialists will often seek noninvasive measures when possible to treat spinal problems. When these conservative methods fail to successfully alleviate the patient’s pain and other symptoms, minimally invasive spine surgery is an effective alternate solution. Cervical stenosis is a condition that often necessitates spine surgery.

What is cervical stenosis?

Cervical stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal column in the upper region of the back and neck. This narrowing can be due to any number of factors. Often, a herniated disc may put abnormal pressure on the spinal column. Under some circumstances, bone growths or vertebrae injuries may likewise apply unnatural force against the spine and surrounding nerves. When this occurs, the patient may experience extreme discomfort, numbness, prickly sensation, limited flexibility, and even incontinence.

How can a spine surgeon treat cervical stenosis?

A spine surgeon can greatly diminish or eliminate the symptoms of cervical stenosis with minimally invasive spine surgery. During this procedure, the spine surgeon will alleviate the pressure on the spine by opening up the spinal column. Often, this is done by removing sections of vertebrae and then fusing the remaining bone for added back support.

What are the benefits of spine surgery for cervical stenosis?

In the vast majority of cases, the symptoms of cervical stenosis will continue to intensify over time. Early diagnoses may warrant more conservative treatment methods, but only spine surgery can offer permanent results for patients. By administering spine surgery, a spine surgeon can both reduce the pressure put upon the spine and potentially eliminate the factors contributing to the condition, such as broken vertebrae fragments or herniated discs. If you have been diagnosed with cervical stenosis, don’t wait for your symptoms to become more pronounced. Consult with a spine surgeon about your eligibility for minimally invasive spine surgery.

The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care provides effective spine surgery options for patients diagnosed with cervical stenosis. To speak with our spine surgeon about your options, please call our New Jersey facility today at (201) 285-5317.

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