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My overall experience with Dr. Okubadejo was great. I had a herniated disc for about 7 months, which i dealt with until around the 8th month when it got worse. I was not able to put any pressure on my right leg and the back pain was not bearable anymore. I could not sleep, walk, or sit. After a visit with the Doc i decided to get surgery, a microdiscectomy to be precise. The Doctor gave me confidence and allowed me to trust him. I never wanted back surgery, but in this case it was necessary in order to continue with my life and daily activities. I felt comfortable with Dr. Okubadejo and proceeded to have surgery. Right after the surgery most of the pain was gone and i was able to walk comfortably. The incision took a while to heal and i am still working on getting my back stronger (its been about 5 months since the surgery). Overall i would recommend Doctor Okubadejo, he made me feel comfortable with him and was a true professional when it came to doing his job. The overall surgery was a success. One recommendation i would have is that one should get some physical therapy after the surgery, it may help speed up the recovery process. I currently still have some back spasms and small leg pain, which i will be going to see the doctor about. If you have back pain go see Doctor Okubadejo, for my first surgery (ever) to be on my back it went well and gave me great confidence with this doctor. If i ever have back problems again i will be going back to him for treatment.

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