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Dr. Okubadejo and The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care are committed to excellence by providing the highest quality of spinal care in New Jersey and New York.
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“I am a 58 year old woman, who has had a problem with my lower back for years. I was involved in three car accidents in one year which didn't help my situation and a fall at my job off the bus stairs to the floor which did me in. I lasted for about two years with chronic back pain which was getting worse to the point I could not walk 10 feet without having to stop and rest my legs and back. It was critical at that point. I decided to see Dr. Okubadejo and I am blessed to have found him. The surgery was frightening to me but because of the pain I felt I had to try anything at that point. Injections were only temporary and I needed a rest from the awful pain, severe leg cramps, which had me yelling in pain from a deep sleep. I could not stand it anymore! The Dr. told me I would be feeling much better after the surgery and he explained everything to me in detail. This is now November and I am now working out like I am use to, riding the stationary bike, lifting my light weight bars and cooking without having to sit down from standing too long in the kitchen. It was all worth it, the discomfort for the few weeks after surgery however, not to the point that I could not stand up to do nothing. It is a great feeling to have my life back, I can even sleep on my stomach now. I recommend Dr. Okubadejo, he is a good listener and deals with his patients with concern and kindness. He also does a wonderful job fixing what is wrong with your spine, he did with mine. Thank you Dr. Okubadejo and may God Jehovah continue to bless your work and efforts and especially your hands. :)”

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