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Dr. Okubadejo and The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care are committed to excellence by providing the highest quality of spinal care in New Jersey and New York.
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I just wish that I had found Dr. Okubadejo sooner. I might have been spared two painful back surgeries. I had a 4 level disc fusion with the top surgeon at HSS which failed, I met with a spine-pain anesthesiologist for a spine cord stimulator implant which failed too because the leads have a much greater chance of failing/moving out of place as mine did after only 1 year. Enter Dr. Okubadejo and spine cord stimulator revision surgery. Don't let anyone near your spine except a spine surgeon ever!! No need to go to NY. Dr. Okubadejo is very calm, very skilled with a very impressive resume of education and training. I am confident that I was in the best of hands! JC is lucky to have him! The doctor's staff are lovely and personable as well as very professional! Disc fusion should be a last resort after all other pain management options have been exhausted.

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